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retaining wall landscaping ideas

We have ideas for retaining wall landscaping that will allow you to put your own aesthetic touch on your property's natural landscape by stylizing those slopes and elevations with high quality retaining walls. Enjoy a selection of the best retaining wall blocks and hardscaping materials on the market at an affordable price as you work toward your dream landscape, one block at a time.

Malco retaining walls are available with Engineering for your investment protection.  Please ask about our available warranty up to 10 years.


Discuss our retaining wall services with our professionals during a FREE landscape design estimate.

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Your satisfaction is our priority, that's why the finest retaining wall materials in both style and durability will be used for your project. Call today to pick out the right product for your commercial landscaping or residential landscaping needs!

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  • Prevent Lawn Erosion - Retaining walls help prevent erosion in yards with uneven landscapes. They will keep your topsoil in place when there is heavy or consistent rain. 

  • Use as a Barrier - Retaining walls can also act as a barrier between steep terrain and your pool in order to protect your pool. If there is no protection between your yard and pool, rainwater can wash soil or debris into it. Retaining walls can be made of many different types of materials that can compliment the decking around your pool and complement it well while protecting it.

  • Terracing a Steep Yard - You can create more usable space in your yard by terracing with retaining walls, creating layers. This is a great landscaping technique for a steep yard with little to no usable space. These terraces can be used for gardening, entertainment space such as a deck area made with pavers, a play set, or just great, green lawn space.

  • Compliment Your Landscape - You can use retaining walls to create a beautiful aesthetic to your landscaping. Say you need a retaining wall to support your yard along the side of your driveway; you can add a stone veneer or paint to create a focal point. Retaining walls can also have water features or plant and flower beds integrated into them.

  • Improve Drainage - If you have a creek or some kind of water body on your property, a retaining wall can help keep the surrounding soil from becoming too moist and eroding away. If your lawn is not protected properly from the excessive water, it could cause trouble to your nearby structures.

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