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Retaining Wall at Traditions of America

The last two weeks, Malco Landscape Inc. has been working hard at Traditions of America in Mechanicsburg, Pa. Our first project started with a customer retaining wall installation on the left side of the house. While the retaining wall was average in size, we had to be very careful with our machines because of the slope, which angled the machine towards the house. With precision and close attention to detail, we could begin laying the foundation of the retaining wall. From this point, we finished installing the retaining wall and were sure to grade the area with fresh topsoil. After grading, we prepped the area and now it will be ready to install any trees or shrubs to the customer’s design preferences.

While our retaining wall project was ongoing, we had a very large tree installation project going on simultaneously. The development needed a tree line that would run along a future walkway within the development. We planted 5-6 ft. pine trees in this stretch, which ended up being around 300 trees! This tree installation project was time consuming because of the amount, but our employees here at Malco worked as efficiently as possible. This project should be completed within the upcoming days.

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