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Spring is Here!

Spring is here, along with the rain showers, but we have been working through all the conditions. As usual, our jobs so far this year have had a nice variety. One of our more interesting jobs took place in downtown Harrisburg at Café Fresco. The task at hand was to install Techo-Bloc blu grande slabs in front of the restaurant. This would be used as a seating area for the restaurant and a public walkway. To begin, we had to remove the existing concrete. In this scenario, we used a jackhammer to breakdown smaller pieces of concrete. As we had our jackhammer working, we used our mini excavator to pickup the chunks of concrete and loaded up our truck to haul away the concrete. After all of this was removed, we needed to haul in some 2a modified stone to use as our base for the grande slabs. Once spread and leveled, we ran our plate compactor over the 2a modified stone. After we reached the necessary compaction, we could begin adding our stone dust level. Once we had the area leveled with stone dust, we could begin laying the Techo-Bloc blue grande slabs. In total it ended up being 6 skids of the product and they were heavy! Being in such a confined area, we had to carry the materials off a trailer and into place. After we had the slabs laid, along with the necessary cuts, we could begin sweeping in our polymeric sand. Once all the joints were filled, we ran our plate compactor with a rubber mat over the patio. We then completed the sanding process with one more application, and then removed any excess sand. The final touch was the wet down the patio to enforce the poly sand. Look at the pictures!


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