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Summer Projects!

We’ve reached the hottest months of the year, and work has been holding steady. We’ve been completing projects all over Pennsylvania. These projects have mainly consisted of seeding, planting, and hardscaping; however, we have also completed concrete and paving jobs. One of the bigger jobs we completed took place in Boiling Springs for homeowners that were looking for a new patio. To begin, we needed to work with the homeowners to decide what pavers would work best for their project. They had an existing concrete patio, with a concrete step, that we were going to overlay and eventually end up extending. Also, we were going to include a walkway to the patio. The homeowners decided they would like Blu 60 pavers in Mojave beige. For the concrete step, we used a Venetian overlay system, which came with caps and risers. This overlay is where we needed to start so we could work towards the driveway. While that overlay begun, we started excavating for the patio extension. After everything was excavated properly, we were able to add our 2a modified stone for the base of the patio. Once this was completed, we added a bedding layer for the pavers, which consisted of using sand at 1 inch. We began laying pavers until we got to a point where we had to create a step. For this patio the slope would have been too much, which is why we needed the step. To do this, we used a few mini cret

a wall block, with some of the leftover Venetian caps to give us the step we needed. After the step was completed, we could continue outward with the rest of the patio and walkway. Once the whole patio was laid, we could then put down our poly sand. When the sand was swept into the patio and lightly blown off, we added a little bit of water to set the poly sand. To finish up the project, we top soiled and seeded the areas that were disturbed. Take a look at the pics below!

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