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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been completing a couple of smaller homeowner projects. With our recent rain, some of these homeowner jobs are great to fill in between our commercial work. It gives us time for other jobsites to dry out, and work while some other companies don’t. We’ve had a few leftover seeding jobs from late last fall. We completed the work in the November/December months, so we had to wait to complete the restoration. These jobs consisted of bringing in sifted topsoil, and using a skid loader to move the soil. After it was rough graded by the machine, we went through and hand raked the hard to get areas. Once everything was raked, we added grass seed and fertilizer to


With spring finally here, our busy season has officially kicked in! We’ve been completing numerous planting, seeding, and hardscaping jobs. One of the more interested jobs we completed took place last week at a residence in New Cumberland. The job task was to extend a current retaining wall so that it would come around a concrete patio. The problem we had with this job was that there was absolutely no machine access to the rear of the house. Even walking to the rear of the home was challenging with the steep slope. To begin this project, we had to start the excavation process. Since there was no machine access, the digging had to be completed by hand. In planning for the job, we knew we had

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