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These “dog” Days of Summer

The summer projects have been running rampant, and we are continuously working long hours during these “dog” days of summer. We have been completing various projects involving hardscaping, seeding, and even installing a playground for a local church. One of our more memorable projects was a local project that we completed in Mechanicsburg. It was a newly constructed home and the owners were looking to install a patio in the rear of their home, to give them some more usable space.

The challenge with this job pertained to the grade of where the patio was to be installed. To combat this issue, we decided our best course of action was to create two smaller patios with a step joining them together so it flowed as one. To start, we began the excavation process at the top patio, which was by the sliding door in the rear of the home. We needed to dig enough soil to where we could install our 6 inches of 2a modified stone.

Once we had everything excavated to the proper grade, we began installing the 2a modified. We then used our plate tamper to ensure our base had the right compaction. Our next course of action was to install 3 5’ steppers that ran across the patio. Most of time, we use retaining wall block to separate two patios like this, but using these steps worked to perfection. Once the steppers were in place, we could begin laying the pavers on the top patio. These pavers were to be installed flush with the top of the steps. The soldier course of this patio consisted of Champlain gray 6 by 13 pavers, with the infield being blu 60 chestnut brown pavers manufactured by techo-bloc. Once we completed the top patio section, we could then move on to the lower patio.

This patio mirrored the upper section. Finally, once the pavers were laid, we could then install the polymeric sand. The product we used to do this is called EZ joint, and unlike most polymeric sands, this one can be applied wet. To finish off the job, we installed a paver edging along the whole patio, to prevent any movement of the pavers. Also, we touched up around the patio with topsoil, seed, and straw. Take a look at the pics!


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