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We've Been Keeping Busy!

Since the conclusion of our extensive Carlisle Berm Improvement Project, Malco Landscape has been working diligently to complete our residential jobs, along with our work at Traditions of America. To this point, a majority of our work has been sod installation. In Mechanicsburg, we completely transformed an old mud puddle of a backyard, to a brand new green lawn. We brought in new topsoil to the location late one afternoon, and the next morning we laid 3 pallets of sod by noon. The homeowner was thrilled with the final product, and it was great knowing we left with a job well done. Also that week, we completed another sod installation job in Steelton. At this residential property, we had to completely strip a large portion of the lawn, as it was taken over by grubs. After all the old lawn was removed, we brought in two truckloads of fresh topsoil, and resloped the area. After completely preparing the yard, we ended up laying 5 pallets of sod. Into the following week, we had two days where we laid 25,000 square feet of sod!! This kept us extremely busy, and made us work long hours. In addition to all of the sod, we started a rip out and replace project for the sales center at Traditions of America in Mechanicsburg. Following the removal of old plants, we put in a variety of new plantings, which included: knockout roses (white and red), nandinas, blue hollies, and wintergreen boxwoods. In certain areas, we planted annuals for the upcoming event the community was planning. In addition to the plantings, we removed a section of a concrete walkway. After the removal of the concrete, we topsoiled and sodded the area, which blended into the existing lawn. All in all, we are keeping very busy and there doesn’t seem like there will be an end anytime soon!

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