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Update on our June Projects!

Over the last few weeks, Malco Landscape has been working primarily on our broad list of homeowner projects. One of our more extensive projects took place just down the street from our office, in Harrisburg. At the rear of the home, the customer was looking to install a matching patio and retaining wall. Just beyond the end of the home, the developers of the neighborhood had created a berm, leaving only a small portion of a backyard. With this being the case, we had little room to operate machinery, which made this project somewhat challenging. First we constructed the retaining wall, which was located at the base of the berm. Once this wall was completed, we started to focus on the construction of the patio. With the patio, we created platform for the AC unit. To finish off this project, we added some topsoil on the backside of the retaining wall, and added a few plants along the top of the wall. These plants consisted of white knockout roses, blue hollies, and grasses. This job ended up taking us about four days to complete. Another job we completed over the last few weeks was a natural stone walkway. This job took place in Mechanicsburg, and ended up being slightly more challenging than what we first believed. The walkway that was to be constructed measured 31’x4’. First, we removed the existing soil. Following this, we hauled in 2b stone to act as the foundation for the stone walkway. After the stone was added and tamped, we added an additional layer of stone dust so that we could maneuver the walking stones. The most challenging aspect of this project was designing the stones to give the natural look, and then making them all level. Each stone was a different width, which made this project time consuming. Once all the walking stones were leveled, we filled in the surrounding areas with topsoil, to allow the customer to plant moss in between the areas. Another bit of exciting news within our company was the purchase of a new straw mulcher. This attaches to our Case wheel loader, and is completely controlled from the inside of the machine. If you’d like to see this in action, take a look at our Facebook page to see a short video! We are hoping this will help us discover more commercial restoration projects.

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