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Keeping Busy!

Work has been holding steady, even with the weather over the last few weeks. Our biggest problem we’ve had to deal with has been rain and lack of sun! Even though it was much needed, we had a hard time completing jobs as quickly as possible due to the muddy conditions. Most of our work over the last few weeks has occurred at Traditions of America in Mechanicsburg. The work consisted of our typical planting, mulching, seeding, and sodding. We also completed some work for Cumberland Valley High School. To have the football field looking nice for homecoming, we mulched around the scoreboard and retaining wall we constructed. It ended up being over 30 yards of mulch! We also added a large amount of river rock along a set of concrete stairs. This ended up being about 10 yards. To top it all off, we added almost three skids of sod to give it all a fresh new look. Almost simultaneously, we were completing another job in Mechanicsburg. Upon getting to the job the first time, there were numerous trees blocking the home to the street. It was almost so dense that you couldn’t even see the home from certain angles of the street. To begin the project, we began taking down trees, which was difficult because we didn’t want to hit the house, yet had to be weary of the road. After a day and a half, we had all the selected trees removed from the property. The next step in this project was stump grinding all of the stumps. We used a stump grinder with a skid loader attachment to make things move more efficiently. Once all the stumps were leveled, we began bringing in loads of topsoil. We made sure that we had the whole area leveled and smoothed out. Once looking good, we seeded the area, added fertilizer, and put down straw to ensure proper growth of the new seed. The pictures below really paint the full picture!!

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