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Keeping Busy and Warm through the Winter.

During the month of January, Malco Landscape Inc. worked directly with an updated communication contractor and in conjunction with PSP for new radio systems. To complete the projects, we first had to build rebar cages ranging from 5-6 square feet. The cages took approximately two days to build by cutting and welding the rebar to approximate measurements. Once this was completed, Malco Landscape loaded up the cages, machines, and tools to make our long drive out to western Pa. Upon arrival, we began on the first project by excavating a 5-6 foot deep area for one of the tower base’s we had already constructed. Using a mini-ex, we completed the digging. Once the entire fill was removed, we poured and formed 5,000lb. concrete mix. Once all of this work was completed we left the area sit so that the concrete would set, before striping the forms and backfilling the area. Malco Landscape ended up completing three other sites ranging from New castle, Pa to Mansfield, Pa, using the same working schedule. Malco Landscape Inc. is looking for many similar projects in the state to perform.

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