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Pavers and Fighting the Rain

Over the last month, we’ve been fighting the rainy weather pattern to complete various projects. One of the more memorable projects we completed took place at a residence in Paxtonia. The customer was looking for a paver patio under a newly installed deck. To begin, we first decided on a type of paver that would best fit the customer’s likes and needs. He decided to go with the Blu 60 pavers by Techo-bloc. Also, he chose semma wall block to go around the wood posts from the newly installed deck. To start the work, we needed to begin by removing soil underneath the deck so that we could lay our stone base. Once the area was excavated properly, we started to add and level the stone for our base. Once we had the stone at the appropriate height, we added a thin layer of stone dust on top of the stone, so we could begin setting our pavers. The pavers that were chosen are a three-piece set, so we had to mix and match the three different sizes. Once we got to the wood posts, we were able to create our small pillars to tie into the existing deck. To give the patio a sharp look, we used onyx black for the pillar caps and solider course, along with sandlewood as the main paver and block. All in all, the patio had a very appealing look. To finish off the job, we added sifted soil and reseeded areas around the patio.

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