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Before the Winter Months Arrive...

As the weather is shifting, we have been staying productive to complete as many projects before the winter months arrive. One of the projects completed during this time was a larger sod installation. Most of the yard was struggling to grow, and lacked the appropriate thickness, so the homeowner decided to go with sod. The first task was digging around all the irrigation heads by hand. This allowed us to use a machine to strip all the existing grass out of the front yard. For this project, we used a mini-ex, with a swivel bucket, to complete this task. In total, we hauled away two single axel truck loads away from the site. The next step in this project was to add sifted topsoil to the area to allow proper growth for the new sod. Adding a thin 1-2 inch layer of topsoil helps the new sod establish itself. Once all the topsoil was spread, we could begin laying the sod. In total, there was 8 pallets of sod, which took several hours of laying. After everything was all laid, we could out the bedding areas to give the lawn a nice, new, and sharp look.

Recently, a few of our employees took a trip to Louisville, Kentucky to partake in the Hardscape North America convention. This was a great trip that had so many products, and vendors in the landscape and hardscape industry. Here at Malco Landscape, we value new products and technology, so that we can incorporate them into everyday operations. It is amazing to see how these products not only are so much safer, but more efficient when being used.

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