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Working Through the Winter Months

We are working our way through the winter months and trying to stay busy. Most of our workdays consist of dealing with snow removal and preparation for upcoming spring projects. Before most of the snow storms arrived, we completed a stump-grinding project in western pa. To complete this job, we decided our best course of action was to have two skid loaders, with stump grinding attachments to be most efficient. While we were working on the job, it was snowing, so the skid loaders ended up being very useful to keep warm! Following that project, we completed a lot of pre snowstorm maintenance on all of our equipment. This included dump trucks, plows, tractors, snow blowers, etc. While this is never the most enjoyable job, it’s reassuring knowing that when the snow comes, all of the equipment will be ready to go. This year, to help us with all the snow removal, we purchased a tool cat, which looks like an utv, with a plow attachment. This works well for larger sidewalks, such as our downtown properties, and tight areas in parking lots. We are expecting another dose of winter in the upcoming days and we would be happy if it was the last larger storm! We are eager to get back to the daily grind in the spring. Once the weather breaks, we have a couple tower installation projects, tree installations, and our regular planting and sodding in TOA. Check out the video of our stump grinding project on our website!

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