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Ready to Kick Off The Season!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been completing a couple of smaller homeowner projects. With our recent rain, some of these homeowner jobs are great to fill in between our commercial work. It gives us time for other jobsites to dry out, and work while some other companies don’t. We’ve had a few leftover seeding jobs from late last fall. We completed the work in the November/December months, so we had to wait to complete the restoration. These jobs consisted of bringing in sifted topsoil, and using a skid loader to move the soil. After it was rough graded by the machine, we went through and hand raked the hard to get areas. Once everything was raked, we added grass seed and fertilizer to the areas that were disturbed. We followed it up with straw on top, which gives the topsoil stability from heavy rains. A larger seeding job of ours took place over ¼ acre of a newly constructed home. The soil at this property was good, however there was an enormous amount of rocks within the soil. To tackle this project, we began by taking our skid loader, with a tooth bucket, over the entire property to loosen up the soil, and expose some of the rocks. With a property of this size, we knew we couldn’t hand rake the whole property, so we brought our rock hound skid loader attachment. We ran the rock hound through the entire property, multiple times, to remove as many of the rocks as we could. Like most seeding jobs, we followed behind the rock hound to remove anything it didn’t pick up. Using the same process as mentioned before, we put down grass seed and fertilizer over the soil we prepared. To finish off this job, we had to use a straw blower, because the property was rather large. Hand spreading all of that straw would have taken hours. By using this machine, we were able to be more efficient on the job. During this time, we also completed a few mulch and maintenance jobs for existing customers. We usually only keep a few of these jobs for wetter days, as we are more of a landscape construction company.

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