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Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall!

The summer has quickly come and gone, and we are finally enjoying some cooler weather. We have completed numerous projects including; patios, retaining walls, sodding, seeding, sinkhole repairs, and even some paving. One of our more memorable projects consisted of completing a paver overlay on top of an existing concrete walkway for a homeowner in the Harrisburg area. In total, there was 100 linear feet of walkway, and it was three foot wide. For this project, we used a paver that we never dealt with before. This job called for Uni-lock pavers. For the walkway, we decided to use a three-piece set to help us attain the 3-foot-wide distance. Of the three pieces we decided to use the medium size as our border course. The infield we alternated using the large and small pieces. In a few areas of the walkway, there was cracking on the walkway. To fix this issue, we applied some mortar mix to even out the walkway, which gave us an even laying surface for the pavers. Another area we had some issues with was the end of the walkway against the driveway. To make the pavers flush with the driveway, we had to saw cut the last section of concrete. After this was removed, we could bring in 2a modified stone and compact it. Once this was leveled appropriately, we added some stone dust to lay the pavers on top. Once we had the pavers extended to the driveway, we added a little bit of cold patch to the driveway, so that there would be a smooth transition to the paver walkway. After the pavers were laid, and we installed plastic edging, it was time to add the poly sand to the walkway. We swept in diamond black poly sand to lock in the pavers we had laid. All in all, the walkway came together nicely.

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