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Winding Hill Park Installation

The colder weather is here, and we’ve been working through all types of weather to stay as busy as possible. One of our larger jobs took place at Winding Hill Park for Upper Allen Township. The township was adding on to an existing playground, which consisted of additional playground equipment, seating, plants, and pavers. Our company was to install new pavers, shrubs, and trees. Our first order of business was to begin installing the pavers. In total, we had 27 skids of pervious pavers to lay. Of these skids, there was two different colors, natural tan, and chocolate brown. Since these were pervious pavers, we used 2B stone as a base and 1B stone as a bedding layer. There were two separate paver areas, so we began in the larger section. This area was about 1500 sq. ft. We knew we had to level the bedding layer before we started laying any pavers. For this project, we were to keep the bedding layer at 2in. This task ended up being very time consuming, since it was such a large area. Once all of the bedding layer was completed, we started laying the chocolate brown pavers. It was easiest for us to work at the narrowest point of the area, and then work wider. There were seven rows of chocolate brown pavers, along with a solider course. The remaining area was the natural brown pavers. After all of these pavers were set, we could then fill in the voids with the 1Bs. This allows the water to pass through the patio area. In most cases, we would us polymeric sand. Once all of our pavers were laid, we could then focus on planting the required trees and shrubs. Around the play area, there were various islands and open areas that needed planting. Some of the plants included, grasses, spicebushes, nandinas, and boxwoods. We also installed maple, dogwoods, and gum trees. In this project, another company installed a walking trail all throughout the park. We had to topsoil along the edges of the whole walking trail, which ended up being about a mile. When thinking of the best way to do this, we decided to purchase an auger bucket that attaches to a skid loader or tool cat. Once this bucket is filled, it slowly drops the topsoil at the desired location. We followed the machine and gave the topsoil a light raking, and added seed.

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