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Awesome Residential and Commercial Jobs!

Over the last month, Malco Landscape has been completing various projects for homeowners and businesses. One of the more lengthy projects occurred at Dickinson College in Carlisle. The college is undergoing massive renovations to their dormitories. The first step in our project required us to remove existing pavers, so that a line could run underneath the pavers. This part of the job didn’t take too much time, but there were four skids of pavers removed. Following the removal of these pavers, we returned to the site a few weeks later to reinstall the pavers. Reinstalling the pavers was a lot more time consuming. Working around other contractors ended up being very difficult. The installation of the existing pavers took three days to complete. After the pavers were laid, we swept polymeric sand between the pavers to stabilize them. After this portion of the project was completed, we focused on the entrance to the building. In this area, we had to regrade the soil and prepare the area to hydro seed. After preparing the area with a skid loader and rock hound, we were able to bring in our hydro seeder, and complete the seeding portion within a few minutes. The last section of this project was mulching small areas around the building.

Another bigger project that we completed was at Traditions of America in Mechanicsburg. For this project, we were required to install landscaping for one of the new model homes. Our first task included constructing a sitting wall on the back patio. For this sitting wall, we used mini-creta techo-bloc. The wall was three courses high and capped. Following the construction of the sitting wall, we moved on to the planting portion of the project. In the back, we started planting evergreen trees to give the model home privacy from surrounding houses. In the front and along the sides we planted privet, cherry laurel, dragon ladies, knockout roses, and many other shrubs. After we completed the planting, we prepared the soil on the property for sod. Sodding the whole property ended up taking 9 skids of sod! This kept us very busy. To finish off the home, we mulched around the entire property. Over the next few weeks, we have a lot of homeowner jobs to complete, as we are starting to get busy again!

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