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It's Already October...

It’s hard to believe it is already October! We’ve been trying to complete as much work as possible with the approaching winter months just around the corner. Some of the jobs we’ve completed over the last month have been total transformations that we are very proud. One of these jobs was located on 3rd street in Harrisburg. The first day at the property, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The area of work was in the rear of the property. This area contained bricks that were falling out, due to tree roots growing under the brick, overgrown bamboo, and an old wrought iron fence. We knew there was going to be a lot of handwork, because there was no way to get a machine to this area. In total, it almost took us two full days to have all the bricks and bamboo completely removed for the concrete pad we were installing. The bamboo roots seemed as if they were nearly impossible to remove. We had to use a stump grinder and a digging iron, which ended up being very time consuming. Following the removal of brick, bamboo, and fence, we also took out additional soil to meet the necessary grade requirements for our concrete pad. Along the side of the house, we decided to keep a section of the existing brick, and re-laid them after removing a small tree and a stump. After these steps were completed, we had a metal fence installed around the property. Following this, we could begin bringing in stone to the area, to prepare for the concrete. We ended up bringing in seven tons of stone. Also, we formed areas along the fence and two small rain garden areas. The next day, we were ready for concrete, and used a pump trailer to pour. We made sure there was a nice finish and that nothing was over poured. Finally, the last day, we went back to the job site to remove the forms, add river stone to the rain gardens, and pour our ramp to the concrete pad. All in all, this job was time consuming, but the end result was very gratifying.

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