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Camp Hill, Front Step Project

Over the last few months, Malco has been completing a variety of projects. One of our more challenging projects took place in Camp Hill. The customer was looking for some sort of step off his front door and install a small walkway at the base of those steps. After reviewing our options, we decided to set one course of Hanover cornerstone block with caps, to Hanover prest pavers, and used the retaining wall as a step. We began the project by jack hammering an old concrete pad that was poured to the house. After removing the concrete, we buried a drain pipe that tied into the gutters of the existing home, to prevent drainage issues. Following that, we then brought in stone and tamped it to set our base. Once the stone base was established, we added a little stone dust and began laying the block. After the block was laid, we glued the caps and could then begin working on the pavers. Behind the block, we added a lot of stone and a little stone dust. Once this was completed, we began laying pavers to make them flush with the caps of the retaining wall. We repeated the steps for the base of the retaining wall to create a small walking area. Once we tamped the pavers, we added a few bags of polymeric sand to keep everything in place. Look at the final project below!

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