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Hershey Plaza Project

The last few weeks, Malco has been working extensively at Hershey Plaza. The scope of this project consisted of removal of various shrubs, tree trimming, installing new shrubbery, planting trees, mulching, and adding rip rap in certain areas. To begin this project, we first started to remove some of the existing plants and shrubs. We focused on one side of the building at a time, so we could best manage the project. Once all the necessary plants were removed, we could then remove excess soil and mulch that was left from the past years. Many of the planting beds had way too much soil. We took a mini-ex to take out this excess soil. Once everything was graded properly, we were then able to begin planting the section. The plan called for various plants such as inkberry, boxwoods, barberry, and various grasses and ground cover. Once the planting aspect was completed, we could put a sharp edge along the mulch bed. Once everything was prepared for mulch, we began laying the triple shredded black mulch. During this project, it was very hot, and watering was imperative for plant survival. Also, we left a few areas to install rip rap along the edges of the mulch to prevent wash outs in the case of heavy rains. All in all, this project had close to 1000 new plantings that needed installed. Each section of the project had various plant and tree trimming to complete. Organizing all the plants and material ended up being one of the more difficult aspects of this project. With all the plants, and very hot weather, keeping everything watered appropriately was time consuming.

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